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Prompt for finding local devices on iOS 14


iOS 14 adds new security enhancements that prompt the user for permission when accessing the local network for a variety of reasons. In the iOS SDK this may appear when starting a virtual visit when both the user and the provider is on the same local network. When the user and provider are NOT on the same network, the user will NOT see this message.

The above image with the default message This app will be able to discover and connect to devices on the networks you use is what you will see when your app will show for iOS 14 devices. When building with Xcode 12 - please add a description to Privacy - Local Network Usage Description on your Info.plist, if you wish to change this message to your users when they receive the prompt.

The iOS SDK uses the TokBox SDK to connect to virtual visits. Hitting Dont' Allow on the prompt (or not allowing after the fact in Device Settings) has no effect on the actual virtual visit. Internally, instead of a direct person to person connection, the video and audio sessions will relay through a server. The downside would be a possibly a bit higher latency between the two users.