Latest Release

  • Full release notes history can be found in Release Notes

    9.0.0 - November 27, 2023


    • Support for Swift Package Manager
    • Library is now released as source code instead of a binary package
    • Added PracticeRegionDepartment which is now returned as part of getVirtualPractice(practiceId:)


    • getCatchmentArea(visitState:, residenceState:, residenceZipCode:, brand:) and CatchmentArea have been removed, see v9 migration guide for more information
    • PaymentMethod enum cases have been simplified, see v9 migration guide for more information.
    • Creating a PaymentMethod via insurance card has been removed along side InsuranceCardFailedReason
    • Virtual visit customization via CustomStrings has been removed, see v9 migration guide for more information
    • All other previously deprecated symbols have been removed. They are:
      • AllowedVisitType.init
      • EmailValidator.EMAIL_REGEX_FROM_CONFIG
      • EmailValidator.EMAIL_VALIDATION_REGEX
      • OpenDay.init
      • OpenHours.init
      • PatientDemographics.init
      • PhoneValidator.PHONE_VALIDATION_REGEX
      • PracticeRegionAvailability.init
      • Provider.init
      • ProviderDepartment.init
      • ProviderService.getProviderTimeslots
      • ProviderTimeSlot.init
      • ProviderVisitType.init
      • RetailDepartment.init
      • RetailService.scheduleRetailAppointment
      • ScheduleDay.init
      • ScheduledProviderVisit.init
      • ScheduledProviderVisit.VirtualMeetingInfo.init
      • ScheduledVisit.init
      • ScheduledVisit.AppointmentDetails.init
      • ScheduledVisit.Timestamps.init
      • VirtualPractice.init
      • VirtualPractice.PracticePaymentAvailability.init
      • VirtualPracticeRegion.init
      • VirtualPracticeRegion.pedatricsAgeRange
      • WaitTime.init
      • WaitTimeLocalizationInfo.init
      • ZipCodeValidator.ZIP_CODE_VALIDATION_REGEX
  • Full release notes history can be found in Release Notes.

    9.0.0 November 21, 2023


    • Updated Android Gradle Plugin to version 8.1.2.
    • Updated compileSdk and targetSdk to 34.
    • Updated to JDK 17.
    • Updated OpenTok/TokBox to version 2.26.2.


    • Removed support for previously deprecated PaymentMethods InsuranceImageSelf and InsuranceImageOther.
    • Removed uploadInsuranceCard() function from PaymentService.
    • InsuranceManualSelf has been renamed to InsuranceSelf and InsuranceManualOther has been renamed to InsuranceOther.
    • Removed deprecated field providerId from InsuranceSelf and InsuranceOther.
    • Removed documents property from DexCarePatient.
    • Removed EMAIL_REGEX from EmailValidator. Use EMAIL_VALIDATION_REGEX instead.
    • Removed setGoogleApiKey function from DexCareSDK. Youtube player doesn’t need Google API Key anymore.
    • Removed createVirtualVisit function from VirtualService. Use function createVirtualVisitWithPatientActor instead.
    • payorId and payorName are now required in InsuranceSelf and InsuranceOther. See PaymentService.getInsurancePayers to find the list of supported payers.
    • getCatchmentArea function from PatientService has been removed. There are other ways to find out “ehrSystemName” and “departmentId” for scheduling the visits.

      For virtual booking - VirtualPracticeRegion now provides PracticeRegionDepartment associated with the given region that contains required information.

      For retail booking - RetailDepartment contains information about “ehrSystemName”.

      For provider direct booking - ProviderDepartment associated with Provider contains information about “ehrSystemName”.

    • Removed VirtualActor model that was previously deprecated. It’s recommended to use Patient instead.
    • Removed previously deprecated function getProviderTimeslots from ProviderService. Use getProviderTimeslotsWithShortName passing in visitTypeShortName instead.
    • Removed UnavailableAppointmentError. It is replaced by NetworkError.ServiceUnavailableError.
    • Removed WaitingRoomYouTubePlayerError and WaitingRoomYouTubeInitializationError type from VirtualVisitError. These are replaced by WaitingRoomMediaError.


    • Fixed validation error message for missing fields while scheduling appointments.
    • Fixed issue with RetailDepartment model serialization in Android 14. Following exception would be thrown if the RetailDepartment model was serialized using ObjectMapper.
    com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonMappingException: The Mean Sea Level altitude accuracy of this location is not set.
    • Fixed issue for Android 14 where extra stability serialization was causing issues with visits scheduling.
    • Fixed an issue on virtual visit where a Toast was showing up with provider video disabled message if the app was backgrounded.
    • Fixed issue with reconnection alert dialog. If the network connection drops out during virtual visit, the reconnection alert dialog will now dismiss once the connection is reestablished.

    See migration guide for SDK 9.0.0 for more details.