DexCare SDK 8.0.0

This page contains information on how to upgrade from SDK 7.x to SDK 8.0. For a full list of changes, see the Release Notes.

Creating virtual visits

  • A new method createVirtualVisit is used instead of the existing startVirtualVisit. The new API allows for scheduling for a patient using an Epic identifier instead of a DexCare patientGuid, scheduling phone-call virtual visits, and is more flexible in terms of required information to schedule a virtual visit. See the Release Notes for more information.
  • Use VirtualVisitDetails with the new VirtualSerivce.createVirtualVisit instead of VirtualVisitInformation.
  • Use the new VirtualService.getEstimatedWaitTime instead of PracticeService.getEstimatedWaitTime.
  • Use getWaitTimeAvailability to fetch new WaitTimeAvailability list for all Virtual Provider queues instead of PracticeService.getVirtualPracticeRegionAvailability.
  • A new method getAssignmentQualifiers fetches all supported VirtualVisitAssignmentQualifier
  • A new method getModalities fetches all supported VirtualVisitModality
  • A new method isVisitStatusActive returns booleans based on VisitStatus
  • A new method pedatricsAgeRange to indicate the age of patients

Clinic reference updates

All Clinic references have been updated to RetailDepartment.

  • ClinicTimeSlot is replaced by RetailAppointmentTimeSlot.
  • RetailService.getClinics is replaced by RetailService.getRetailDepartments
  • is replaced by ScheduledVisit.retailDepartment

Model Changes

  • VirtualVisitDetails
    • userEmail is now mandatory
    • contactPhoneNumber is now mandatory
  • VisitStatus is now a String
  • DefaultVisitStatus give access to the list of default visit status names

Deprecation removals

  • Removed deprecated models/methods/properties:
    • UnavailableAppointmentError
    • ProviderService.getProviderTimeslots
    • VirtualVisitInformation
    • createPatientWithMyChart