Dexcare Support and Deprecation Policy

Deprecated APIs and SDKs are those API and SDK versions that have been superseded by newer versions and may cease to be supported or function in the future.

Previous API and SDK versions and accompanying documentation will be considered deprecated upon the publication of a newer version. Deprecated documentation can be found the corresponding “Deprecated” section in the left hand navigation.

End of Support (EOS) occurs 90 days after the release of the latest version of an API or SDK unless there is an exception in a customer contract. API or SDK that have reached EOS may continue to function, but Dexcare will no longer be obligated to provide support.

The End of Life (EOL) date will be the the final day of the last remaining customer contracted for support. The EOL date will be published in the deprecated functionality’s documentation header. On the EOL date documentation will be removed from our developer portal.

Support or Contact

Please contact your DexCare Customer Success Manager or Primary DexCare contact via Email/Slack or login to your Customer Service Desk ticketing system to submit a request.