DexCare SDK 9.0.0

This page contains information on how to upgrade from SDK 8.x to SDK 9.0. For a full list of changes, see the Release Notes.

Virtual visit

Version 9.0.0 removes the support for CatchmentArea for virtual visits. Instead the ehrSystemName for booking the virtual visit can be determined by using VirtualPracticeRegion.

DexCareSDK.patientService.getCatchmentArea() is no longer available.

Use DexCareSDK.practiceService.getVirtualPractice(practiceId) to get VirtualPractice details. practiceId is an identifier for VirtualPractice. This value is set up and provided by DexCare and may be hardcoded in your application. A VirtualPractice can have multiple VirtualPracticeRegion which in turn can have multiple PracticeRegionDepartment. Each PracticeRegionDepartment has ehrSystemName associated with them and they can be used to book virtual visit for that department.

Model changes

PaymentMethod has been renamed to and has been renamed to

So you need to fix your imports accordingly.

providerId has also been removed from both of these models. Instead use payorId and payorName. Both of these attributes are required Strings.

See PaymentService.getInsurancePayers() function to get a list of InsurancePayers.