Important: The JavaScript SDK is a working example of how to wrap and use the DexCare API. The SDK is not currently among the supported products of DexCare - but can be used as a toolkit to gain understanding of the DexCare API and accelerate development.

DexCare JavaScript SDK

The DexCare JavaScript SDK provides access to all of the functionality of the DexCare platform.

The sections below provide detailed information on how to install and use the SDK:

The Concepts section provides an overview of general DexCare concepts implemented in the JavaScript SDK.

Our Getting started page provides an overview of the process for installing and using the SDK in your applications.

The Reference sections for the Fluent API and Low-level API give detailed information about the various methods and operations provided by the SDK.

The DexCare JavaScript SDK is available from DexCare on DexCare’s Github Packages site. You can obtain access by contacting the DexCare team.

If you have any questions about the SDK or its usage, please contact your DexCare Customer Success Manager or Primary DexCare contact via email or Slack, or login to your Customer Service Desk ticketing system to submit a request.